The Journey

Decades’ worth of perseverance, dedication, and loyalty.

To understand what’s behind the wines of PV365 is to witness the power of friendship—and its ability to foster meaningful collaboration. In our case, that meaning is symbolized by the Napa Valley wines we’ve created under our artisan label.

The story began decades ago and oceans apart. As fate may have it, destiny brought us together as business partners and friends. Sharing common heritage  from India, Pradip and Vinanta were nevertheless quite different as individuals. America, our home, has always provided both optimism and the opportunity for us to succeed.   PV365 was a dream years in the making and, as our newest venture, embodies our pioneer spirit.

To us, the enjoyment of a great bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet goes hand-in-hand with our mission to produce elegant wines, perfect year-round for every occasion and moment of life. This fruit of our labor adds a wonderful, new dimension to our lives and legacy.


A surprising wine adventure
and venture.

We are Pradip Patel and Vinanta Mundra, proprietors of PV365. Ours is a  different type of winemaking story, and one that might make people wonder how we got into this business in the first place. The way we like to describe it is that it’s "simply complicated.” We might have made it look easy, or “simple,” along the way, though the backstories of our paths to success have been "complicated."

The circumstances that brought us together have carried us into the present and to our exciting, new roles as vintners. The challenge was that neither of us had experience making wine. But our passion lay in creating unique Napa Valley Cabernets of excellent quality and value. It was a vision that inspired us to learn about the process of winemaking: its precision and creativity.

Our lives are complex and challenging, but our partnership and friendship have helped us to navigate the complications—to maintain focus and keep things simple.


The art of winemaking is mastered through experience.

Before he even entered the wine business, Patrick Saboe learned the importance of resourcefulness, dedication, and imagination. It’s a natural connection between us that powers the PV365 collaboration. A South Carolina native, graduated in 2002 from the Viticulture and Enology program at UC Davis and proceeded to work with a number of highly respected vintners at prestigious wineries on both sides of the Napa and Sonoma County border. Thus far, he has made multiple, award-winning wines with a wide range of grape varieties, but Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is his specialty. It’s a passion that we share.

While he’s well-versed in all aspects of winemaking, Patrick is just as happy to rub shoulders with distinguished grape growers in Napa Valley’s top vineyard sites. “I'm a minimalist,” as he likes to describe himself. “The thing about me is that I tend to want to make wine in the vineyard.”


Great wine starts in the vineyard.

The best vines result in the best wines.  We cultivate relationships with highly respected growers and most coveted sites up and down Napa Valley—locations that highlight the talents of viticulturalists who tend the vines and work the soil. Working side-by-side with growers to coax high-quality fruit out of every vine provides our winemaker, Patrick Saboe, with the material he needs to craft deeply colored, elegantly structured Cabernet.

The exceptional care that goes into farming properties in diverse Napa Valley districts—from Howell Mountain and Atlas Peak to Rutherford and Oak Knoll, to name only a few—reflects our passion for the concentrated, flavorful grapes nurtured to harvest during each growing season.

To us, drawing on the skills of experienced growers in concert with an accomplished, artisan winemaker is the definition of how authentic Napa Valley wine is crafted. This combined effort is the heart and soul of PV365: a labor of love to create world-class wines that speak of the special place from which they come. Great wine truly is made in the vineyard.